5 reasons to style your property for a successful sale

If you're looking to sell your house, you might be reluctant to spend more money on it. The thought is logical of course, because anything you spend now will eat into your profits at sale.

But what if spending money on your property can help to achieve a quicker sale? What if it could even get you a better sale price?

This is where property styling comes in. Property styling is all about evoking a sense of home and creating mass appeal in your property. It can help encourage more people to view your home, increase your sales price and even make the sales process shorter and much easier.

Still not convinced that you should invest in property styling? Read on to discover the top 5 reasons why you need to style your property for a successful sale.

Get Attention

Did you know that 90% of buyers start their search online? For sellers, this means that the photography on your listing is even more important than ever.

Property styling can help to make sure your house looks its best in photographs. Your stylist will start with the outside of your property, offering advice to ensure it is both appealing and clean. Inside, they will create a look for your target market that portrays your home as an enviable place to live.

These beautiful visuals should excite buyers, encouraging them to arrange a time to visit your property in person!

Enhance the Best Features

Once you have the buyers at your home, you need to captivate them.

This starts with enhancing the best features of your house. Your layout should create a logical flow to the property. This will help your potential buyers imagine what it will be like living there. From there, furniture, artwork and accessories can be used to create the appearance of a harmonious home.

This process can also include disguising less enviably areas. If your property is empty, these will often be highlighted and seen by the buyer as a drawback. Instead, a professional stylist will create a cohesive look to show every part of your property in a positive light.

Create Space

The one thing you can never have enough of in any home is space. A professional stylist can help you create the impression of space, regardless of size. Decluttering personal items, removing unnecessary or bulky furniture can do wonders.

Lighting is also crucial. A stylist will focus on enhancing natural light, often using mirrors and other reflective surfaces to give the illusion of space. If necessary, they will also add extra lighting. Together, these tips can transform even the smallest of rooms into a bright and spacious area.

Make an Impact

There is nothing quite like the experience of stepping into a home for the first time. To sell your home, you need to create an impact. Buyers want more than just four walls, they are purchasing a lifestyle and they want to feel inspired.

Stylists understand your potential buyers and what they're looking for. Whether it's cosy evenings on the couch or large outdoor dinner parties, their styling is designed to excite your potential buyers. As buyers imagine what their lives would be like there, they start to feel a bond with the property. While you might be moving on, this is the beginning of their new life!

Maximise Your Sale Price and Achieve a Faster Sale

Styling helps properties look and feel like someone's new home. So it's no surprise that investing in property styling has an impact on the sales process. Professionally styled properties will often achieve a higher sales price, more bidders at auctions and a quicker sale. In fact, research suggests styled homes sell 30 – 50% faster. This all helps with a smooth sales process but also maximises the return on your property investment.

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