6 Reasons to Consider Renting VS Buying Office Furniture

Looking to fill your new office with furniture or just wanting to freshen things up? While office furniture can be costly, it's an essential aspect that adds to the function and design of the whole office. The right-fit-out can improve the morale, productivity, and creativity of your staff. And the best part? It doesn't have to cost a fortune!

By renting instead of buying your furniture, you can create the right environment for your staff while not blowing the bank. Here are 6 situations where hiring your office furniture is the smarter choice.

When you need furniture ASAP!

Do you have a project starting soon and you find yourself needing to equip your office with additional elements quickly? Buying furniture has long lead times and can often take months to arrive. On the other hand, rental furniture can be supplied to you in as little as 24 hours, and you don't need to worry about coordinating the moving arrangements.

The growth of the company is unpredictable

It can be challenging to predict the growth of the company or account for rapid hiring and changing space needs. What if you win a big project and need to hire staff to handle the extra workloads? Renting your furniture gives you the ultimate flexibility to deal with these situations and allows you to adjust your furniture based on your needs. You can have the furniture for one month, one week or event up to a year. Whereas if you buy your furniture, you'll have to store it or dispose of it yourself.

When you're looking for a cost-effective solution

Renting requires less upfront capital which frees up additional resources you can use to grow your business, and it's tax-deductible. On the other hand, buying furniture involves higher upfront costs and may not be a viable option for some companies. It also has very little resell value if you don't need it anymore or if you decide to upgrade it sooner than expected.

When you want to freshen up your surroundings

In business, we know first impressions count! Your office reflects the nature of your business and provides an insight into your culture and values. Whether you're looking to convey a sophisticated look or a more creative vibe, the environment you work in sets the tone for the interactions you have with visitors. Renting your furniture gives you access to high-quality items quickly so you can switch things up to make sure you always have the latest style.

If you have a short-term lease or you're subleasing

Maybe you're a start-up that prefers to sign a short-term lease, or you find a fantastic location, but it has a short-term sublease - hiring your furniture in these situations makes it easier for you to relocate. Your provider can take care of all the setup and tear downs as well as exchange items if they're broken or faulty. Hiring your furniture frees up your time so you can concentrate on your business.

When you're looking for a solution to support your sustainable goals

Renting furniture offers a more sustainable approach to fit out your space. By being part of the circular economy, you can play an active role in helping to eliminate waste. Whereas discarded or old office furniture often ends up in landfill and accounts for a large percentage of the landfill volume.

Renting your furniture is a great alternative that can help you manage your operational expenditure as the business grows without having to worry about significant cash outlays.

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