6 Ways to Bring Your Event to Life

You have the venue and the attendees sorted but how do you create ambience and energy in your event? We would like to share our fool proof ways to bring your event to life.

1. Florals

This may sound like an obvious one but including florals in your event space brings a touch of beauty, texture and life. Creating a beautiful look can be as simple as placing a few fresh cuttings in delicate glass vases and bottles. Whilst most of us have seen flower arrangements as table centrepieces also think about placing large arrangements on Bars or Plinths scattered around your venue to create stunning focal points. Your event stylist can provide some great ideas about what flowers you can use and where.

2. Greenery

Bring the outside in by adding some greenery to your events. Trees and plants are no longer just used as fillers at events (although they can be a great way to hide a wall or door that is not in use or unsightly). Succulents, Ferns, Cacti & Palms are becoming increasingly popular as they lift a space and breathe life into your event and can be used at any type of event from meetings and conferences through to parties, galas and weddings.

3. Lighting

Do not underestimate the power of good lighting at your event. The right light provides your event with an ambience that sets the mood as soon as your guests arrive. This can be as simple as introducing candle votives or festoon lighting into your event styling or you can have a lighting technician create something dramatic and daring.

4. Hero Pieces

A simple way to create interest is by using bespoke furniture pieces to create a certain look or feel. An Event Stylist can help you put together the right pieces to transform your venue and transport your guests to another place. Create lounging pods or bar areas within your event to encourage your guests to mingle and move around the space or create a focal point by placing bold furniture pieces on raised platforms. Event furniture hire allows you take your event to the next level without having to buy and store items.

5. Music

We always remember the music at an event and its absence or quality can make or break an event. Be careful to get the volume right. Networking events require a lower level of volume to ensure people can easily communicate. Consider lowering the music once the mingling begins. If you want to encourage dancing at your event increasing the volume of the music will generally have your guests ready to party…don’t forget to dim those lights!

6. A Well-Functioning Floor Plan

The location of your furniture, food stations, music, dance floor and stage are so important. Having an event stylist put together a floor plan for you ensures that your guests will be comfortable and that food and drinks can be served efficiently. Take into consideration personal space requirements, line of sight, noise and the location of any swinging doors, kitchens etc.

Following these 6 steps will ensure you a successful event full of life that your guests will remember you for. Valiant Events can assist you with one or all of the steps above so please feel free to contact our lovely event team for our tips and tricks.

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