The Australian Federal Election (A Case Study)

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To efficiently run the 2016 federal election, government teams needed the appropriate tools—including furniture and appliances. Valiant was hired to supply these in large volumes throughout QLD, NSW, ACT & VIC.

Valiant 2016 Federal Election Case Study 1

Polling stations and vote scrutiny. Office tables, chairs, cabinets, shelves, and other office equipment were essential for the organised flow of polling station operations and scrutiny of votes.

Managing the flow of people and traffic. Other tools, such as bollards and traffic cones, were necessary to maintain the orderly flow or people and vehicles around the polling areas.

Keeping election staff going. With election staff focused on operations and meeting tight deadlines, food and refreshments had to be within reach. Refrigerators, water urns, and other kitchen appliances helped make food and drink easily accessible, especially for staff at venues located far from food establishments.

Valiant 2016 Federal Election Case Study 2

Across QLD, NSW, ACT, & VIC, there were over 300 venues to deliver to, including provincial polling stations hundreds of kilometres outside major cities. Valiant was able to carry out intensive interstate management of delivery loads and schedules. Overall, our trucks travelled an approximate distance of 25,000 km during the election period!

Valiant 2016 Federal Election Case Study 3

The 2016 federal elections' double dissolution meant the extension of the election period. Furniture, appliances, and equipment hired from Valiant were needed for about two to four more weeks. This meant adjusting delivery schedules and furniture stock across all three states. With proper coordination and cooperation among teams, Valiant managed this challenging task and was able to successfully support the election hire period extension.

Valiant 2016 Federal Election Case Study 4

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