Before and After: Cremorne Point, NSW by Amy Frost

I’ve worked on many homes, each required different levels of styling – some simply needed furnishing and décor while others needed some interior refurbishments in addition to décor (i.e. repainting). In all projects, the team and I always found it exciting to step back and see the difference in a space after the styling process.

Even more exciting is how styling makes a difference in property sales both in terms of the speed a which a property is sold to the price it can fetch. The Valiant team has seen homes sell from $15,000 to about $100,000 (and even higher) more than the pre-styling valuation. We've also seen homes sit in the market for weeks and then get sold in record time after being styled.

The case of this home in Cremorne point, NSW was a real jaw dropper.

I was tasked to style this beautiful Cremorne point, NSW period home characterised by stunning details such as stained glass windows, high ceilings, generous amounts of space, and amazing views. As with many homes of this type, the challenge was modernising the interiors while retaining that historical charm.

I updated the interiors with some contemporary elements to make it feel more current. At the same time, I preserved the home's real charm by enhancing some of its beautiful historical features. More on this below.

After the furniture and decor we installed and interior refreshes were done, this home sold for $1 million more than the agent’s original pre-styling sale valuation!

Read on to see the transformation of this property!

Entry and Facade

Facade before property styling

BEFORE. The dated exterior was unappealing and overgrown. It was dark and uninviting and therefore didn't have much street appeal.

It needed a bit of a lift so when buyers arrive, they are greeted by a welcoming facade.

On the other hand, structurally, it was in great condition so nothing needed replacing.

Facade after property styling

AFTER. This is the very first view as you enter the property. I wanted to inject some wow factor and bring the dated exterior to life with the use of a contrasting colour palette.

I chose Dulux Domino for the shingle clad and support posts. This colour is very on trend and contrast so well against the original roof tile and the greenery from the garden. This darker colour has also hidden a lot of imperfections.

I’ve selected Dulux Lexicon for the window frames, gutters and fascia to contrast with the Domino and freshen the scheme. Now the original veranda tiling pops and becomes a lovely feature to the façade.

Entry Hall

Bland entry hall

BEFORE. The entry hall was bland and soaked up every bit of light. Carpet was not the right solution to a floor finish for this area. The lighting added to the dated feel and the walls were a fleshy pink tone and had no appeal.

The entry needed to feel a lot more welcoming.

Entry hall with wood floors and warm grey walls

AFTER. The subdued warm grey of Dulux Brume for the walls provided a wonderful contrast to the rich old wood floors. I had the lower half of the walls painted full strength and the top half strength. This gave life and interest to the high ceilings.

I finished off the skirtings, picture rails and architraves in Dulux Lexicon to make the scheme pop.

I selected a more traditional light fixture to work in with the original period features of the home which assisted in creating a harmonious blend of old and new.

Living Area

Dark living room

BEFORE. The living room is a large open space but it wasn’t being utilised to it’s full potential. It was framed with a magnificent arch which houses a set of windows that open to full water views.

Living room with light and fresh furniture rented for staging the home

AFTER. Furniture that I selected to style and stage the house was light and fresh and worked with the style of the home. I wanted the furniture to speak with the period features so that it was consistent with a smooth transition from room to room.

Cavernous living room

BEFORE. The large open space didn’t have any furniture relative to the period features of the house. The amount of un-used space made the room feel cavernous and a bit lonely.

Living room styled with light and fresh furniture

AFTER. Furniture that I selected to style and stage the house was light and fresh and worked with the style of the home. I wanted the furniture to speak with the period features so that it was consistent with a smooth transition from room to room.

Dining Area

Wrong size and color dinind room furniture

BEFORE. The dining area had no life and the furniture was the wrong size and colour. The heavy timber tones were adding to the dated look. The pinkish walls were even more prominent as the light from the sun room was filtering through.

8-seater dining table and upholstered dining chairs hired for property styling

AFTER. I used an 8-seater dining table and softer timber tones to really bring this area to life. The white from the upholstered dining chairs softened the space and added warmth. The large armed chandelier finished of the space and I accessorised using reflective and light colours.


The bedrooms were all staged with appealing colours and styling to best emphasise the views and style of the home.

Master bedroom in Cremorne Point, NSW styled by Valiant

Second bedroom in Cremorne Point, NSW after property styling

Third bedroom in Cremorne Point, NSW after home staging

About Amy

Amy Frost is Valiant NSW's Principal Property Stylist. For as long she can remember, Amy has loved styling. This passion has led her to various roles in the interior design world – from writing about interiors, to photography and colour consultancy. When she’s not doing amazing interior transformations or swooning over eclectic interiors, she’s in the kitchen whipping up a mouth-watering apple slice!

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