Christmas Party Ideas: Regal

If Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn) from Breakfast at Tiffany’s came to Valiant Events to have her Christmas party or an end-of-year party styled, this is what we imagine she would have gone for.

Nothing less than elegance, sophistication and a touch of glitter, this a beautiful look for your cocktail dress kind of affair. Everyone loves that occasional formal party as it’s a great excuse to get all glammed up!

Regal Christmas Party Theme Mood Board

Event Styling Mood board: Regal Christmas

To bring this look together, start with a colour palette of solid black or a rich blue hue paired with your choice of warm metallics (gold, bronze, or copper). Remember to sprinkle glitter into the mix! For our mood board, we focused on black and gold.

While you adhere to these colours in selecting furniture pieces, also consider texture. Lush velvet and buttoned furniture are popular choices for creating that luxe feel. Pieces with shiny surfaces are also great choices.

When it comes to accessorising this look, you can either keep it light or go all out. With the furniture pieces already rich and full of character, you can pare back a few key items to complete the look. Whatever direction you go, make sure you incorporate some sparkle, greenery, and Christmas-y elements!

Here are some pieces that will go beautifully with this look:


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Bar and Cocktail

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There are so many different ways to accessorise this look. Below are some suggestions of what you can use. If you choose a lightly styled event, make sure the pieces you select keep things sophisticated. If you're going for a heavily styled look, ensure there is balance.

Gold and copper baubles

Minimalist Christmas Tree

Lighting fixtures for shimmer


Past events and photo shoots

Get inspired with imagery of past events and photo shoots styled in black&gold or similar colour schemes.

Gold and Black Christmas Theme

Holiday Glitter Photo Shoot

Gold & black inspired details for Christmas or December parties.

Sophisticated gold and black furniture for Christmas parties

Brisbane Racing Carnival 2017 - James Boag's Marquee

Beautiful gold & black furniture and accessories to create an intense sophisticated look. Gorgeous lounging, bar & cocktail settings.

Blue, copper & bronze Christmas Party theme

Latrobe Hospital New Building Launch Cocktails

A rich colour palette of blue, copper & bronze - for an elegant evening cocktail.

Considering a black & gold event?

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