Display Home Styling - It is the icing on the cake!

Builders: Why it is important to correctly furnish your Display Homes.

Have you ever been into a bakery and bought a cake with no decorations or toppings? Of course not, because no matter how delicious the cake base might be you aren’t going to buy something that doesn’t look appealing, right?

Furnishing and styling a display home in a way that appeals to the target market is literally the icing on the cake. It is the same principle authors use when investing so much into their book covers, or movie makers into the trailers. Before someone decides to buy your product, you’ve got to get their attention and get onto their shopping list.

For some builders, furnishing and styling a display home is sometimes just an after-thought but marketing professionals have long understood that a consumer’s perceived value of a product can be heavily influenced by how it is presented.

The benefits of correctly furnishing your display home are far reaching and include:

  • Creating emotion – customers buy on emotion and validate with logic. A well styled home will generate a positive memory point in the mind of the customer, one that a good sales person can take advantage of.
  • Company image – brand association is a big influence and, like it or not, the buyers will judge your company on how well presented your display homes are. After all, this is what they are investing their hard-earned savings into.
  • Sales opportunities – the longer a potential buyer spends in the home the greater chance the sales person has in engaging them and developing a relationship that will lead to a future sale.

In simple terms, before a customer falls in love with a particular design then they need to feel a connection that resonates with some unfulfilled desire. An appealing looking display home goes a long way in achieving this and makes the job that much easier.

Valiant Property Styling understands how important it is to get this first point of contact spot on.

For a chat and assessment of your current display strategy contact our Builder’s Display Home specialist, James, at james.gosselin@valiant.com.au or 0423 676138.

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