Featured Property: Owen Lane, Auchenflower QLD

Styled For: ARP Building Group and Solaire Properties

Project Completion: June 2020

This breathtaking residence in Auchenflower, QLD redefines the notion of luxurious and sustainable living with a level of architectural style seldom seen in Certified Passive House designs.

Drawing inspiration from the architectural design of the home to create a feeling of elegance and a calming haven. All elements were carefully selected from furniture, colours and artwork to create an upscale aesthetic within the home for maximum sale value.

We’re excited to share the styling journey for this property with you as well as to share some top tips from our senior stylists.

About the property

Solaire’s Vanquish project is Australia’s largest architectural Certified Passive House, which means it delivers the highest level of comfort and air quality while using little energy. Designed by nationally award-winning architect Joe Adsett, this stunning five-bedroom home has uninterrupted city views, including a roof terrace for entertaining. It also offers sustainably manufactured Italian porcelain tiles and benchtops throughout the property.

Furniture and decor

The home is a seamless blend of luxury, eco-conscious and state of the art designs. We opted for very modern contemporary pieces to suit the design of the property and the buyer demographic. The key was for the stunning architectural home to be the true visual focal point, so we used minimal furniture and statement pieces for a ‘less is more approach’.

To balance the space, we focused on keeping the areas lightly styled, with statement pieces that speak to the living space to create flow. Things were kept very minimal but complemented the architectural home.

Colour palette

One of the most important decisions was selecting the colour palette as it can have a significant impact on how the home looks and feels. We used greys and greens throughout, incorporating pops of pinks and blues to pick up the contemporary artwork chosen. The palette selected worked well with the eco-conscious design of the home and helped tie the design together to transform the space.

Tips for property styling or decorating your home

The key to achieving minimalist interior design is to practice the principle of less is more. To embrace this, make sure to not over-style and opt for pieces that are essential as well as remove any unnecessary items. Every single element should be carefully considered to ensure everything works cohesively to create a comforting, homely atmosphere. In addition to this, break up the white wall spaces with artwork; this helps add colour and character to the living space.

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