Gatsby, Deco-Glam, The Roaring 20's – It is all back again

There is no denying that Baz Luhrmann and his latest creation The Great Gatsby has revived the Roaring 20’s almost 100 years later.

Full of beautiful furniture and rich gold and black colourings, the period has many admirers in the design world.

At Valiant Hire we have seen an increase in the number of black and gold products being used for events. It is not necessary to try to recreate an exact replica of the 1920’s, we are seeing people use beautiful rich gold pieces as accents in opulent black rooms.

The addition of floral accents such as orchids and beautiful crystal style vases and centrepieces create the perfect atmosphere for any event. When you are looking for inspiration, look no further than Valiant Hire. Our provides a gateway to the products that will create an event to remember.

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