Tips for selling your property in Winter

There’s something about the cold snap of winter that sends people swarming inside, solemnly starting a long term relationship with their couches and firmly closing the door to selling their homes. However, like most seasons, there are benefits to a winter sale, specifically when paired with property styling. Consider these variables when thinking about selling your home...

Who you’re up against

In the months of June, July and August, the Australian market sees an approximate 74% decrease in properties for winter – and with demand never faltering, this means your property is up against less competition and has a greater chance of being sold.

Who you’re selling to

Year after year, Spring proves to be the busiest time for the property market. The prospect of Spring’s rejuvenation and with it, brighter days, warmer months and other outdoor pleasantries fuel home sales or more often than not, home ‘dreaming’. With this in mind, Winter buyers are serious players who won't wait for Spring and are looking to purchase valuable pieces with immediacy. These people are likely to be decisive and direct in what they are looking for, eliminating wasted time and lengthy sales. They’re knowledgeable about the market and are looking for suburbs and properties with the highest long term value.

It’s all about positioning

Blue-chip suburbs, regardless of season garner interest and intrigue. Valiant Stylists consider spots like Surry Hills and Balmain in Sydney, South Yarra and Brunswick in Melbourne and Teneriffe and Ascot in Brisbane; frontrunners that pair lovely spaces with easy access to the city and unique experiences for their residents. If you’re selling in a profitable area like these, fantastic! If not, sale becomes less about where you are and more about how your property exceeds the expectations of its exteriors.

Flinder's St Railway Station Brisbane Highway
Bondi Icebergs Sydney Opera House 
Sydney Harbour

Be prepared for the scrutiny

With less on the market, beautiful suburbs and better informed buyers, winter properties undergo increased criticism. Consider your property with your agent before putting it on the market, ensuring all the finishing touches are applied for better response upon inspection. With particular regards to retaining warmth for winter, be sure to treat your windows, sealing gaps, installing blinds, heaters, rugs, throws, lights on low and pillows to fill your space whilst also showing off your knowhow on the latest design trends.

Take the guesswork out of success

It’s one thing to arrange your home and another to transform it. An experienced property stylist with a strong understanding of the market, the suburb, and your agent's intentions for sale; as well as a unique eye for opportunity and design, is the easiest way to take the guesswork out of styling your home for sale. Plus, with an unbiased connection to the property and a holistic approach, they will draw conclusions about your spaces, suggesting overarching themes that will unite the tone of your home.

Open living space in Toorak Park, Melbourne, QLD

Style that Sells

Whilst it is fantastic to depict your ideal home, the key to effective property styling is to paint a picture in the buyer's mind of options they could consider if the space was a part of their own home. Unlike interior design, these aspirational thoughts stem less from personalisation from the seller but rather, from depicting the space in its most valuable light. In turn, property stylists advise custom suggestions, showcasing spaces for their versatility and potential; enhancing levels of light, colour and texture to create an inviting. homely ambience to the property

Your stylist knows what works

Valiant Property Stylists have their finger on the pulse of design and as leaders in the industry for over 40 years, know what works, what doesn’t and what’s best. Current trends are leaning towards schemes featuring terracotta, ochres, mustards, olives and hues of navy blue. Despite being strong visually, their intention is to stand out when paired with more neutral tones and contrasting when paired with weaves and chunky knits - popular this winter. They will also be sure to showcase your valuable Hero spaces: living rooms and bedrooms that have maximum liveability and interaction in them

Deep hued master bedroom, Brisbane, QLD Roxborough Park livingroom, Melbourne, VIC

Timing is everything

Schedule your showings based on the intentions for your home (agreed on and suggested by your stylist). For example, if you are attempting a velvety, luxe feel, the darkness of the late afternoon to early evening paired with yellow-lit lamps, will compliment this idea. Contrastingly, mid-morning showings with increased daylight are perfect for neutral homes, driven by minimalistic colours and a surplus of textures like knits and linens

There is work to be done on the day of inspection

Small tweaks such as augmenting light strengths, adding heat, fluffing pillows, ruffling throws, ensuring your windows are clean, blinds open, coffee table books positioned and small accessories like statement ornaments in place will give your home finishing touches of liveability. It's all about making a stark contrast between the cold outside and the endless possibilities of your property.

Don't forget about your backyard

The most common mistake in winter styling is disregarding the importance of the backyard to your sale. Our stylists suggest that if it’s bare, liven it up with a seating area or a free standing fire pit. Great for entertaining and not the most common of outdoor accessories, add a few seating logs, large outdoor cushions to subtly suggest continued activity within your home. Particularly towards the end of the winter season, our stylists also stress the importance of including garden photos into your listing. It’s a transitional period into spring when you can remind buyers of the prospect of entertaining.

Outdoor living space, Brisbane. QLD
Outdoor living space, Edmonson Park, Sydney, NSW


If you’re dedicated to maximising profits through effective styling, consult with your chosen real estate agent and contact a professional property stylist for advice and assistance. Whilst your agent monitors the market providing real time updates about what is best for your sale, your stylist will complement these findings in their design suggestions. Together they poignantly corner the market, translating the greatest, long-lasting connection between your property and your buyer.

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