Interior Staging for the Sale or Lease of Commercial Property

A styled commercial property is a powerful way to present a space for lease or sale. Commercial property staging shows prospective buyers or leasers the potential of an office space.

A potential leaser or buyer who is shown an office with well-planned fit out configurations finished with styling touches may find it easier to imagine how a space can be maximised or utilised. This can make a big difference in the speed a commercial property is rented or sold; as well as in creating more value which may potentially lead to a higher sale or lease price.

Commercial Property Guide and Valiant got together to list tips on in staging a commercial property.

Freshen up the property

A well maintained property makes a big difference. Prospective customers will want to know how quickly they can move into an office space without having to spend too much time and effort on touch ups. Furthermore, office touch-ups instantly elevate an office space.

Consider a few easy and sensible cosmetic changes such as applying a fresh coat of paint on the walls, renewing the carpet, updating the kitchen splash back, elimination of undesirable odours (if any), and other minor repairs.

Choose office configurations for your target market

Are you casting a wide net or focusing on a specific market?

For a wide target market, choose a versatile generic look which suites the office floor space. Simple rows of work stations normally works.

If you’re after a specific market, it makes sense to style according to their operations. Will they need rows of desks, team pods, a flexible office layout, or break out areas?

The key is to understand the market and to showcase flexibility. Alongside staging the property, it may merit having 3D Floor Plan options on hand to show the versatility of the space.

Elevate the space with accessories

Simple office styling goes a long way. Weave in little details - a few magazines in the reception area, neat rows of folders on the shelves, pencil holders, computer screens, etc. - to simulate a real office environment.

Pops of colour on basic white desks through accessories add a dash of fun and inject some energy in the look. Adding some greenery and hanging artwork help create warmth and sophistication in the property.

A good presentation always paves the way for good impressions.

Keep it light and spacious

The simple rule to keep in mind when styling commercial site is to keep everything as light and spacious as you can. You want to paint a picture of efficiency.

A good ratio of furniture and open space should be considered. When accessorising, make sure to enhance and not clutter the space. In selecting furniture, avoid dark and heavy pieces as these pull down the atmosphere.

Take advantage of as much natural light the property allows as this is a big asset in allowing for a healthy working environment.

Highlight key features

Are there big windows or high ceilings? Is there a lot natural light? Does it have a beautiful view?

Take advantage of special features and enhance these when staging the property. A good office space isn’t only about efficient use of space but how it can help elevate the work atmosphere.

With growing emphasis on healthier work places, features that help enhance the quality of the working day increase the desriability of the property.

Hire your furniture

Hiring commercial property furniture allows you the flexibility to create different looks or to adjust how the space is styled at any time. Read more about hire vs. buying furniture here

Considering commercial property styling? 

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