Interiors Q&A: How to Style a Property for Sale

You’re ready to let go and sell your home. You’ve found an agent, paid a cleaner and yet, something is missing - your space doesn’t quite pop next to the other listings available in your area. There’s more to selling a home than signing contracts, opening doors and inviting potential buyers to inspect nooks and crannies of possibility - fast, financially healthy sales are inspired by a buyer/property connection. So what can you do to foster a relationship between your lounge room or kitchen and a buyer? And how can you navigate the challenges of virtual walk-throughs in a time-restricted world, when connection is made between viewers and photographs, instead of visitors and rooms?

Take a few minutes now to find out what works online and in-person.

But First... What IS Property Styling?

Property stylists trade-in transformation, emphasising the strengths of your home by deploying a range of surfaces, textiles, furniture, art and decorative touches to bring specific areas or rooms to life. We’re all about those must-have-it-moments that turn visitors into buyers! Contrary to the pushy stylists you see in the movies; a great property stylist will sit with you to understand your goals, hesitations and budget, ensuring the final product aligns with your needs while charming its intended audience.

What Do I Need to Remember About Styling My Property for a Sale?

It’s not all about you. We recommend our clients put broader market appeal ahead of their personal tastes and quirks, aiming for the enhancement of your home opposed to a larger than life showcase of your favourite colours, prints and textures. Our goal is to bring out the brand and personality of the property, not channel the identity of the current occupants - you want potential buyers to imagine themselves in the space. Cultivating this attachment also extends to personal touches and picture frames - their presence may subconsciously throw buyers off!

Bottom Line: Walk-in with your eyes wide open and reach out to the Valiant property styling team. Understanding the strengths and areas of improvement of your home before you make any decisions about pieces or styling investments will ensure your property shines online. Virtual walk-throughs can be a tough gig, there’s no limit to how many people experience your home - - they will pay attention to the little details physical attendees may gloss over from the lack of time.

Do I Need to Style My Property Before the Inspection Phase?

Definitely. Curious eyes will be assessing your space long before any foot traffic follows (some of the most invested buyers may never see your home, living a long way elsewhere); think about the last time you looked at a property for rent or purchase - you probably judged its appeal by the series of snaps attached to the listing.

Bottom Line: Don’t limit yourself to the local market - ensure you’re putting your best foot forward from day dot as not everyone is able to attend a physical walkthrough.

How Can I Style My Property for Online Inspections?

There should be little to no difference between your on and offline styling strategies. As we previously touched on, your home will be styled to perfection prior to a gallery of professional pictures going live. A bright throw over a leather, luxurious couch; effortlessly chic stools slotted under a gleaming breakfast bar; a striking feature mirror hung just so above an antique bureau; open windows, lots of light and perfectly made beds… these strong styling elements ensure your place will pique the interest of the right people online, funnelling them into either an offline interaction or an online discussion.

Bottom Line: It is more imperative than ever to ensure your listing stands out from the masses - traction doesn’t always come naturally, even if your property is stunning.

How Do I Make a Great First Impression Online and Off?

Property stylists love light. We’re fans of the natural variety, but we know not every home is blessed with large windows and an unabated view. You can still create an inviting space with a combination of greenery (find something hardy but pretty like a peace lilly or a sweet Chain of Hearts), unencumbered windows, amazing art pieces and a cohesive colour and texture design throughout the walk-through. Spring is the perfect time to take advantage of bright blooms and fresh arrangements, injecting a little colour and texture into dark corners.

Bottom Line: While light will always be king, personality and warmth can be drawn from small but consistent touches and soft furnishings in earthy tones. You don’t need a huge budget to make a big difference.

Is Property Styling Worth it?

Every single time. Property styling is the exclamation point your property needs to drive home the people-pleasing elements you’ve taken for granted. A stylist will add warmth, atmosphere and comfort, elevating even the oldest homes during a virtual inspection or physical walkthrough. Property styling is a proven strategy that often results in properties being sold faster, and netting sellers improved final sales, making any expenditure back in spades. Of course, it’s not a guarantee, but the statistics are very much in favour of drawing on the experience and insights of a Valiant property stylist.

Bottom Line: While your real estate agent helps you sell the physical location, we help you sell the lifestyle that comes with it, ensuring your buyer can insert themselves into the kitchen, living room, bedroom and deck area without a moment of hesitation.

Do you have a property to style?

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