Introducing The Privacy Lounge!

Introducing one of the latest additions to our corporate furniture range – The Privacy Lounge. Create spaces in your office where your teams can step away for some silence or hold discussions in confidence.

The Lounge

A stylish high back lounge wrapped in sound absorbent material, this new addition to our office range allows you to design spaces where you can hold quiet conversations, focused group meetings, team brainstorming, or simply a place to step away and focus.

Clean lines. Beautiful shade of grey

Sophisticated and versatile, the privacy lounge can easily be styled with a variety of cushions for pops of colour and be paired with a different coffee table designs.

From professional to funky, the lounge complements a whole range of looks.


Depending on what kind of space you want to create, there are various configurations you can use. Below are two examples we've put together. For more ideas, our Valiant Stylists can study your office floor plan and recommend how to arrange the lounge in your space.

Face to face

This layout is great is for creating meeting nooks around your office. Depending on how much space you have, you can set-up a few of these around your office.

Semi L-shaped

A relaxed layout which is ideal for lounging. Turn that empty corner into a sleek lounge area where teams can take a break and socialise.

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