Office Trend on Spotlight: Break Out Zones

Among the modern office design trends, the creation of break out areas has increasingly been in demand as more companies from various industries realise their importance. The incorporation of an informal and inspirational space for employees has brought companies multiple benefits– from improving company culture to increased productivity.

If you don’t yet have a break out zone, have you been considering creating one for your team?

Benefits of a break out zone

1 Increased productivity

Periodic breaks from work refresh the mind. These do wonders for making us more effective in working on our tasks. A nicely designed break out area is great space for employees to step away for a few minutes to reboot their minds.

2 Encouraging better collaboration

Break out areas are spaces where teams can get together, brain storm, and share ideas. Unlike the rigidity and seriousness of a boardroom, the dynamic and informal atmosphere is more conducive for allowing the casual free flowing exchange of ideas. Apart from promoting better team work, it also creates fertile ground where valuable seeds of ideas are planted and can help grow your business.

3 Space for creative thinking

For tasks requiring creative thinking or problem solving, a change of scenery helps inspire the flow of new ideas that lead to new solutions. With a break out area, you give your team members a space where they can jump start their minds which may lead to that next light bulb moment.

Things to consider when furnishing a break out area

If you are considering creating a breakout zone for your office, there are many exciting options! Here are some helpful starting points.

Relaxing and brainstorming

Create a welcoming or visually stimulating atmosphere. Consider different comfortable seating options such as trendy sofas, ottomans, and lounging chairs

Informal meeting area/s and lunch space

While lounges are always great for informal meetings and simply for socialising, also consider having dining tables with sleek chairs or stools. These create a communal area for meals and meeting space where people can write or place their laptops.

Consider your theme and colour palette

Normally, companies would consider a look and feel that represents their company's branding. Whether you’re after a sleek modern set up or a look with more funky flair, remember to keep it dynamic and interesting.

Feeling unsure about a break out zone?

Consider the option of renting furniture and working with a stylist to help bring the space together. This allows you to experiment how it may work for your company before committing to a final set up. You can try different looks and make tweaks without initially investing a large sum of money.

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