Get to know the Opulence Collection


Style sophisticated events with the collection's plush velvet, rich colours and slender gold lines. Deco furniture design with a modern twist, the Opulence pieces were specially selected to add that touch of luxe to any event.

The event furniture collection was designed to complement existing pieces within the Valiant Events hire range allowing you to play with different event set-ups - from large banquets, lounging, to intimate dinner and cocktail arrangements.

Whether it's a formal affair or a hip party, styling with Opulence will no doubt impress your guests.

Get to know the Collection

Fabric colours

  • Blush Pink
  • Navy Blue
  • Black

Defining features

  • Rich velvet fabric
  • Slender gold lines and curves

Event arrangements with Opulence

  • Indoor dining
  • Indoor lounging
  • Indoor bar & cocktail

Event Inspo with Opulence

From pared back corporate cocktails & banquets to grungy parties, we have styled a number of events where Opulence pieces were incorporated into the space. Browse through the different themes, see the versatility of the collection and get some styling inspiration for your next event!

Pacific Fair Christmas Activation

Pacific Fair Plaza on the Gold Coast organised this stunning weekend activation to lead into the 2017 Christmas season.

As the chosen event styling team, we created beautiful arrangements throughout various sections of the shopping mall, each dressed in gold elements and peppered with cheery Christmas decor . The idea was to create an atmosphere that was both elegant and vibrant. The Opulence was simply perfect for bringing that vision to life.

YouFoodz "Freak Show" Themed Party

Get your freak on! One of the edgiest events styled by Valiant, the "Freak Show" themed YouFoodz end of year party was one helluva event. Drawing inspiration from American Horror Story, we put together rough and sleek elements to create an interesting mix of circus grime and rich indulgence. From edgy table decals, circus-inspired custom builds, to all the fine details to complete the look, styling this event was a lot of fun.

Dining at Luna Park Sydney's Crystal Ballroom

Gone are the days of "plain" when it comes to corporate functions. The key is minimal but well thought out styling and furniture pieces that add pizzaz but still keep a dignified atmosphere.

A great example of a recent event is seen here at Luna Park Sydney. For a corporate dining arrangement, we used our beautiful sleek Deco dining chairs to add a chic touch to the tables and the Outline lounging pieces for that sophisticated look.

Corporate Cocktails at Latrobe Regional Hospital

Latrobe Regional Hospital in Victoria celebrated a momentous event - the launch of their new wing. The Latrobe team organised evening cocktails to mark the special day. To decorate the new wing, our event stylists mixed pieces from the Club Collection with pieces from the Opulence Collection to create a sassy bronze metallic look accented by rich navy blue.

Opulence for your next event?

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