Property Styling & Home Staging

Property styling or home staging is the key to a stronger and quicker sale. Many people have difficulty visualising how a space can be used and miss out on realising its true potential. Styling not only showcases how rooms can be utilised, it helps create that lovely sense of home. Helping potential buyers not only see but also feel how a property can be their next home is one of the final steps before a deal is sealed.

Using a professional Property Styling & Furniture Hire such as Valiant will allow you to furnish and style for your target market and vastly improve the appeal of your property. Styling helps to sell, the experts agree on that.

Brown, green, and grey elements for a bright and inviting lounge room for a Huntlee, NSW home staging project

When is the best time to sell your property?

Most people believe that spring is the best time to sell. That is not necessarily true. Each season has its strengths and weaknesses. Consulting with industry experts will always helps you make informed decisions. A trusted real estate agent understands the behaviour of the market and will help you with strategies that work. A professional property stylist understands what appeals to your target market and will harness the styling advantages presented by each season. Winter, for example, is seen as a more challenging time but there are smart ways to use this in your favour.

Desert green living room staged by our property stylist Amy Frost

The process of buying a property can very well be one of the most emotional decisions a person makes. Help potential buyers see and feel the potential of your property. With Property Styling available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the surrounding areas – we have got you covered no matter what season.

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