Sell Your Retirement Living Spaces with Property Styling

Retirement living has undergone a renaissance over the last twenty years. Getting older no longer means accepting spartan facilities, hospital-like decor and a dorm room vibe with almost zero personal space. After all, advancing years isn’t equivocal with a lack of taste or low expectations - they know what they want, they know what they need and they expect developers to supply solutions that service both spheres.

Enter the rise of retirement communities. Over 55s are a hot-button market with more savvy and experience than your typical homeowner. But they’re also more cautious. So, what can you do to stand out from the competition when new retirement homes and communities continue to pop up, vying for their attention with attractive pricing, endless facilities and desirable locations? Every point below comes back to a simple but persuasive idea - make them feel at home.

Downsizing = Downgrading?

Not at all. Over 55s flock to retirement communities because they’re styled, modern and accessible - why would they expect anything less? As a developer, you have an opportunity to enhance their experience and ensure their next home reflects their needs, wants and wishes. High-end features, quality fixtures, carefully selected textures and statement furnishings go a long way in cultivating a sense of home ownership and progress.

Remember: Senior living communities retain their popularity because they deliver a combination of social, mental and physical benefits - ideally, your community should recognise their ongoing interests while openly acknowledging that failing health is not always visible.

The Power of First Impressions

With a fairly large number of retirement living units, homes or apartments following very similar floor-plans, you need to rely on flourishes, appliances and hidden extras to create a point of difference during an inspection. It’s not enough in a saturated market. Go the extra mile and work with professional stylists, such as our team, to develop a home-like environment for anybody walking through your dwellings. Valiant’s stylists understand how to draw the eyes and foster instant connections, ensuring your potential buyers will be able to picture themselves laughing, dining and living in your retirement locations. Transforming any space into an instant home takes experience - utilising ours. We will help you ensure they walk away thinking that they’ve found their next step.

Styling Isn’t Only About Aesthetics

We can also help you identify any styling issues that may impact cognitively or physically affected residents. While many people take stylistic choices for granted (like all white kitchens or flush panel light switches), something as simple as cataracts or colour blindness can change the way a resident interacts with the space you’ve designed and developed. Things like lighting, colour choices, contrasts and flooring can all be utilised to ensure the home they choose remains comfortable and serviceable until they must move on to a supervised aged-care facility.

Tip: When you’re selecting tiles and floor coverings, look at neutral tones and colours that won’t be confused with real landscapes - while a healthy 60 year old may love the green carpet you’ve chosen for the master bedroom, their 75 year old partner may confuse it for grass as they grapple with a mental health condition.

The bottom line? Studies have shown that styled properties sell faster than their unstyled counterparts. Older people, and people in general, need to feel good about their investments - cultivate positive feelings and reap the benefits with the help of Valiant Interiors.

Considering property styling?

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