Work. Stand Up. Be Healthy.

Explore how Sit & Stand desks improve staff health and well-being.

Prolonged sitting at work is a major cause of serious health problems. Science has proven that it increases health risks, the most alarming of which are:

  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Certain cancers
  • Heart disease
  • Early death

According toa study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, people with desk-based jobs should do at least two hours (progressing to four hours), of standing and light activity such as walking, within the work day.

Health Benefits of the Sit & Stand desk

Many organisations have begun promoting healthier work environments with the Sit & Stand Desk as a popular solution to prolonged sitting.

  • Sit & Stand Desks allow staff to fulfil the recommended hours for standing and light activity.
  • The increased movement helps decrease all the health risks that come with prolonged sitting
  • Helps lower feelings of stress and fatigue that come with being sedentary.
  • It encourages better posture thus reducing back pain.
  • Overall, it helps improve well-being, boosts energy and increase productivity.

Not sure about Sit & Stand Desks? Hire.

For companies looking at getting Sit Stand desks for their staff, buying is a significant investment. Hiring for a few months allows you the opportunity to gauge if the desks are effective for your team before you commit to a long term office furniture investment.

Once your team discovers the benefit of Sit Stand desks, you can extend your hire period. Valiant offers terms of up to 36 months hire, creating a cost effective way to create a healthy office environment without any initial capital investment.

Hiring for business purposes is also 100% tax deductible in most cases (*refer to your accounting professional to check your individual circumstances). Depending on the requirement, hiring allows you flexibility and helps mitigate cost issues involved in purchasing office furniture.

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