Styling tips for an Eco-friendly Winter Home

It’s safe to say winter is well and truly in full swing – and as you don your multiple layers in the fight to beat the cold, it’s important to do the same for your home. Reduce your carbon footprint by replacing energy-sucking modes of warmth for those more eco-friendly. After all, the future lies in inspired interiors, personalisation and intricate details that warm your heart, pocket and feet as well as a pair of Ugg boots. Whether it’s a rental, restyle or sale, this will redefine the way you look at heating in a cost-effective way. Here are our interior styling tips to creating an Eco-friendly winter home.

Layering is Key

A great way to start experimenting with warmth is with interchangable and diverse layers. Collections of pillows and blankets, complimented by additions of curtains and rugs, not only further details a room’s interiors but gives you every reason to keep your heater off!

For a master bedroom we’re talking anything from display, Continental and Bolster pillows to high thread count Egyptian cotton bed sheets, duvets, covers, bed skirts and blankets. Draping chunky knits and fur throws casually over ends of beds or sofa arms as well as playing with their fabrics and weaves will successfully elevate the style and the warmth of these items in an effortless and innovative way.

As for the rest of your home, clusters of pillows and throws for couches in moody colours can easily personalise warmth. Shiny fleece in muted colours, thick knits and mohair are ideal; giving off an almost regal, faux fur flair to a furniture piece. A perfect partner for a rainy night in or Sunday morning coffee spent curled up on the couch.

Regardless of room, rugs are another great way to add ambience. Particularly useful on tiles and floor boards, they soak up any drafts through the floor and form an extra layer of heat stylishly and charmingly. The variation of patterns and colours available to consumers currently is endless; often making the decision of what to pick hard. For us, our favourite styles involve neutral palettes with interesting weaves which create a lovely textural element to your home. These rugs are best showcased when teamed with an array of stunning cushions and throws.

Need some more pointers? Our stylists say "don't overthink it!". One can never have too many home trimmings. Rugs and pillows can be used regardless of season and are one of the easiest modes of modifying your space at a moment’s notice. Valiant’s designers also suggest to “get creative” when it comes to display. Try pairing contrasting colours, textures, levels and sizes of certain items to truly customise your abode.

Window Treatments: Seals and the Sun

At least on third of heat is lost through windows! Prominent in older style homes where gaps and seals can form and increase over time, the best fix is to grab some foam and silicon and get busy. We suggest being generous with your search too - the more seals you fill the better.

Another free heating source is the sun - open up blinds and curtains during the day and let it shine! A living room armchair positioned in the flooding sunlight is a divine spot to resign with a good book. Complete the ritual by closing up once the sun disappears. It’s all about trapping the daylight inside your home to retain its warmth for the evening.

Contemporary desk with lamp and greenery
Knitted poufs and leather butterfly chairs on geomatric pattern rug


Playing with the colour schemes of interior spaces is a fantastic way to refresh your home and aid its winter ambiance. Hues with warm, deep and golden undertones are popular when combined with rustic and strong oranges. Adding olive greens and mustards to the mix also creates a sense of drama and replicates the autumn palettes we’re currently seeing in the market. For those looking for something subtler, plain base colours can be transformed when paired with the correct shade! If you’re after specifics, our interior designers can take a look at your home to provide personalised suggestions.

Want immediate impact? feature walls or statement furniture pieces are a means of strongly establishing a colour theme. Better yet, vamp up your look with wallpaper! Making a huge comeback, the market is full of diverse options to choose from and it’s best to enter with an open mind when selecting. Think of the paper’s style and pattern, considering how it will contribute to both the room in question and the overall intentions for the home.

Appliances and Inserts

With the spotlight focused on climate change these days, consumers can select from a wide range of appliances and alternate heat options that favour function, form and even style. Efficient light bulbs like halogen incandescent and LEDs on low, almost ominous settings, will reduce your bills as well as encourage the restful intentions for the room.

Feeling a little more ostentatious? Upgrade your space with a fireplace. It’s the ideal intersection between heat, luminosity and tone, immediately diversifying the home with a rusticity that can either be modernised, or played upon for a country style feel. Other environmentally conscious heating options include solar, geothermal and radiant, pellet stoves and added home insulation.

At the end of the day, an eco-friendly winter is as environmentally conscious as it is cost effective.

Winter style options like this can easily be reused throughout the year and recycled for all future coming winters. Of course, every space is different and for a unique take on interiors, it is best to leave it to the professionals. Contact Valiant to work with one of our experienced and versatile interior designers who can organise mood boards, quotes and inspire you to maximise the potential of your spaces. Get the ball rolling by having a look at some of our past work, booking an initial consultation; and following us on Facebook and Instagram to stay ahead of the style game!

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