Supernatural by Moroso

Bi-colour Supernatural Chair

Originally designed in 2005 for MOROSO by visionary designer Ross Lovegrove, the Supernatural was reborn in 2015 with a unique bicolour production process.

Crafted with exacting Italian standards, each chair is meticulously hand poured into the mould. Every piece holds its own unique pattern while consistency in the final look and finish is maintained.

Defined by graceful curves and unequivocally bold design, the Supernatural unabashedly makes a statement.

Step out of your comfort zone and transform that office or venue into a quirky, brave, and design-forward space!

Supernatural Bi-Colour by Moroso
Supernatural by Moroso Autumn Photoshoot

• 4 eye catching variations •

Black + Green | Black + Orange
White + Green | Turquoise + Caramel

• Indoor / outdoor •

Made of single shell in polypropylene. Light, & durable. Great for either indoor and outdoor use.

• Stackable •

Ergonomically designed not just for comfort but also ease of use and storage. Stackable up to 8 chairs.

Styling Ideas

Create bold looks that make an impression!

Supernatural Event Gallery

Events Styling

  • Dining
  • Colourful conference breakout sessions
  • Funky theatre seating
  • Cool outdoor arrangements

Supernatual by Moroso Theatre arrangement Theatre Set-Up

Supernatural office gallery

Supernatural by Moroso dinner arrangement dinner setup up dinner styling


Office Hire

  • Reception area statement pieces
  • Office breakout areas
  • Fun meeting/conference rooms
  • Designer office kitchens
  • Outdoor lounging/seating

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