The 2017 Interior Trends We Love

As property stylists, we eagerly watch the changes in interior design and décor trends. It’s fun to know what products and looks we will potentially use and apply for property styling and home staging. With 2017 in full swing, these are the trends that we’re most excited about!

Colour Trends

The interior colours for 2017 are set to be warming up. With a focus on warmer palettes, our homes are looking to reflect hues relevant to nature with an emphasis on raw beauty.

What's in: spiced saffron, ochre, cinnamons, terracotta, mauves, desert toned greens, kale greens and indigo.

Colour trends 2017 - saffron, ochre, cinnamon, terracotta Colour trends 2017 - mauvre Colour trends 2017 - desert green and kale green Colour trends 2017 - indigo


Interior style for this year will have an emphasis on greenery and spaces that balance raw with luxe. Expect rooms to be defined with desert chic looks, tribal artisan inspired spaces and high end industrial touches.

What's in: Desert Chic, Raw Artisan, Industrial Workshop

Desert Chic

Desert chic style bedroom and living room


Raw Artisan | Industrial Workshop

Industrial workshop style living room


There will be an emphasis on tactility, transparency, and iridescent surfaces. Olive trees will be the plant of choice for greenery.

What's in: Plywoods, cork, olive trees, rivets, leather, velvet.

Plywood furniture with leather and rivet seats


Cork | Plywood

Cork and plywood home decor


Leather | Velvet

Leather and velvet in interior design


Exposed Rivets | Olive Trees

Interior decor with exposed rivets and olive tree

Trends and styling a property for sale

In property styling, its important to determine when to apply what’s on trend and when to work outside the trend. The emphasis when styling a home for sale is on relevance –

  • Relevance to the look of a property. Which style will complement and bring the best out of a property? For example, “industrial workshop” will likely not work for a heritage home or unit. A luxe and classic look will.

  • Relevance to the target demographic. Will the style resonate with the target buyers? Will “Raw Artisan” appeal to a market that is known to be attracted to more traditional looks?

Sometimes what’s considered as "off trend" will suit the property and target market best. It’s our job to help clients – developers and home owners alike– sift through the wide array of styling options and nail down the look that will best sell a property.

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