Clearance Sales

Ex rental clearance sales with up to 90% off RRP.

Johnny's Furniture Sale - Sydney!

GET A MASSIVE SELECTION at the Johnny's Furniture warehouse located in Villawood, NSW.

Truckloads of furniture from Valiant
Over 3000 sq meters of clearance furniture from high end brands!

**PAYMENT OPTIONS: EFTPOS, credit card, cash

**DELIVERY SERVICES available but it will be very busy so please bring a trailer/ ute if you can!

**All items must be purchased and picked up on the same day

Ex-rental clearance sales

Valiant in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne holds special sales during different times of the year. We offer great deals on ex-rental/hire and ex-display furniture including lounges, coffee tables, bar stools, desks, office chairs and wide range and variety of residential, office and event furniture. For time to time, we also be offer special package deals.

Don't miss the great deals and steals! Stay in touch so we can alert you on the next clearance sale near you.

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