Valiant Relocation solutions. These home furniture hire packs include quick delivery, complete home set up, and a coordinated range of stylish furniture to suit all your daily living needs.

Executive packs - NSW, VIC, QLD

The Executive Pack is our premium residential furniture hire solution which allows you to choose from our pre-coordinated home styles or to tailor the look of your home. Our experienced home stylists will assist in creating the look that best suits your preference.

Sydney look

Casual, relaxed, subtle, and inviting. Sydney is the essence of comfortable informal design. With its light and airy interiors, this look is a lovely mix of casual chic and laid back coastal. The Sydney home styling solution is perfect for that laid back atmosphere, whether at a seaside cottage or a city apartment.

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London look

Walk into a home that evokes feelings of distinction and nobility. Classic grace mixed with modern elements, the London style is both sedate and elegant without being grandiose. This look works wonders for bringing out the charm of a period home or for enhancing a fabulous penthouse.

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Cambridge look

Dignified and refined. The Cambridge look is both serious and cosy with its neat lines balanced with soft elements and curves. Inspiring modern living with light classic touches, this style works well in complementing contemporary architecture.

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Oslo look

Surround yourself in Northern European style. Cutting edge and sleek. With its clean and defined lines and edges, Oslo is the essence of contemporary design. Achieved with simple yet stylish pieces, this minimalist look is perfect for that fast paced life in an inner city apartment living or a modern home.

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Provence look

Imagine yourself in the style of Southern France. Soft textured interiors accentuated with dark timber and warm inviting colours are the essence of eclectic yet sophisticated country styling. The look of Provence combines strong organic elements with soft feminine touches blended together with beautiful furniture and accessories. If you want a timeless refined home, this look is for you.

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