Japandi: Create Simple Yet Vibrant Spaces

If you’re looking for minimalistic interior design inspired by nature, then Japandi is the perfect style! The hybrid aesthetics of ‘Japandi’ perfectly combines the modern rustic-vibes of Scandinavia with the Japanese principle of ‘wabi-sabi’ or ‘beauty that is imperfect, impermanent and incomplete’.


A mix of culture

When it comes to Japandi, minimalism is key.


Although they come from opposite sides of the world, Scandinavian and Japanese styles tend to share similar principles in interior design terms. Both emphasise the importance of adding a few statement pieces rather than an abundance of décor while valuing simplicity and functionality and integrating natural materials.


But while Japanese styles can sometimes become too sleek, blending in the rustic details of Scandinavian design creates visual interest. On the other hand, the vibrant colour palette of Japanese design brings warmth and a sense of relaxation to the room, which balances out the cold feeling that can sometimes be associated with Scandinavian.

‘Japandi’ perfectly combines the modern rustic-vibes of Scandinavia with the Japanese principle of ‘wabi-sabi’ or ‘beauty that is imperfect, impermanent and incomplete’


How can you achieve the look?

To use Japandi, try mixing wood tones and integrate a mix of various curved and straight lines. For the furniture, both styles are defined by clean lines with an emphasis on practicality. Accessories take a backseat since the design is more function-driven however, adding a few statement décors ensures it still feels intentional. 

Japandi relies heavily on natural elements, so make sure you include items such as ceramic or concrete and add plants to give vibrancy to your space.  Whether you’re styling your own home or designing events, the combination of these elements can help you create a stress-free atmosphere.


How to use it at your next event

Shibui is Valiant’s new collection for minimalists who want a little more. Inspired by the Japandi interior design trend, the collection features simple angular metal framing in black or white with rattan detail – perfect for indoor or outdoor events. The cushions also come in a range of colours so you can customise the pieces to suit different event themes.


The Shibui black pieces are ideal for creating moody, sophisticated and minimal styling whereas our white pieces can take another life entirely to create showstopping wedding ceremonies. For an outdoor summer party vibe, try adding in some bright colours or greenery for a tropical vibe and tonal blues for a coastal feel.

Shibui also features carefully selected items from our Outline collection which features sleek geometric silhouettes, lush velvets and metallic highlights for a luxe and timeless look. From striking cocktail arrangements to elegant dining and lounging – the styling opportunities are endless!

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