Making a splash in the workplace

Our Workplace National Business Manager Kylie has been making waves at Valiant since joining our Brisbane team earlier this year. Kylie is elevating Workplace to the next level.


Why did you choose to work in your industry?

I’ve always enjoyed connecting with people from all facets of business and life. Working within the Workplace industry provides me the opportunity to connect with so many different people. People from all walks of life who work across all sectors of different businesses. It’s great!

"I’m extremely motivated about the workplace services and experience we can provide to our clients."


What do you enjoy most about your industry?

The world we work in is everchanging – with a continuous stream of new challenges, there is always something new to tackle! It keeps things interesting and my perspective fresh!

What makes you unique in your profession?

Each business is unique in the way they approach their workplace and each person I connect with has their own workplace goals and vision. I’ve had the opportunity to work within the workplace sector across numerous countries and hemispheres over the past decade. With this knowledge I can offer a unique perspective to support my clients to achieve their workplace goals.


Describe a time that your career was rewarding

When working with my client from the very beginning of concept design through to the successful execution of their workplace installation - It rewards me with a great sense of accomplishment, there’s no better reward than the celebration of a job well done!

What do you hope to accomplish at Valiant?

The team at Valiant have given me the opportunity to build upon the already amazing brand – developing new strategies and services to foster further growth into the workplace channel of the business. I’m extremely motivated about the workplace services and experience we can provide to our clients.

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