Meet our Interior Stylist - Emily
Meet Emily, Interior Stylist at Valiant. She is one of our talented stylists responsible for elevating the properties of Sydney. Learn more about Emily and discover her tips and inspirations.
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Tell us a little about your background before joining the Valiant family?

Prior to Valiant I worked within visual merchandising, commercial furniture, and event styling. I had my first foray into the creative industry working as an office junior at ACP Magazines (now Bauer Media) & from that moment I knew I had to be hands on & work with something tangible. From there I studied a Bachelor of Interior Design & have been somewhat interiors obsessed since.


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What inspires you when you create?

I am heavily inspired by colour, travel & nature. I love taking in everything beautiful that you can see in everyday life & bringing those ideas to a design scheme. I also create resin designs on the side & am always thinking of fun colour combinations to use.

What is your recommendation when choosing décor items?

Find something you love & cherish it. My parents used to take us to antique shops all the time so I’ve grown a very eclectic personal collection of décor, furniture & art. There’s always a beauty in showcasing the old in a new & fresh way.


How do you balance beauty and function when creating designs?

It’s imperative to imagine how someone might use the space & thinking that extra step for them, I imagine how I might want to live within a space or how I would love to feel within a space to create an informed design scope.



Do you have a favourite space you like to design?

I love working from the kitchen through to the main living spaces, these spots are the heart of the home & I want people to feel that when they walk through a space.


What was the most interesting project you've worked on?

There’s too many to just choose one, I love that each home has its own quirks & I get to be a problem solver/master of Tetris.


What is your number one tip for interiors?

Don’t be afraid to stray away from the norm, there’s so much beauty in mixing unique pieces & creating an eclectic home. Let your interior tell the stories of your life & the things you love.


What do you love to do when you're not working? 

I love creating resin art & jewellery, am a sucker for a hot yoga class or a hike, reading a good book with my cat on my lap, or spending time with all the people I love. If I could fit all of that in a weekend I would be a very happy human.

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