Meet our Interior Stylist - Tori
Meet Tori, one of our Brisbane Interior Stylists here at Valiant, whose transition from PR to the world of design illuminates her insightful journey and showcases her expertise in harmonising aesthetics with functionality in interior spaces, offering invaluable advice to inspire creativity and practicality in every project.
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Tell us a little about your background before joining the Valiant family?

I actually came from a background in Media and PR prior to styling. Covid really effected the side of PR I loved which was event planning and after a hard lockdown in Melbourne I had some realisations and decided to change careers. Interiors was always something I really loved and had an interest in so I decided to do a short course and took it upon myself to reach out to a few companies for work experience to see if I had the eye for it and luckily I did!


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What inspires you when you create?

So many factors can inspire me, from the home itself, to the surrounding, right down to the client themselves. I love to keep an eye on what’s on trend here and overseas and what’s up and coming.

How do you balance beauty and function when creating designs?

I think first of all you need to really understand your client and how they intend to use their home or if its style to sell, who the potential buyer is. Once you have a better understanding of how the home will be utilised that’s when you can start to factor in beautiful pieces that are functional for the household in question. On the other hand though, some are less concerned with function and all about the look – it is all dependant on who you’re designing for. 




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Do you have a favourite space you like to design?

I honestly feel like it differs from home to home depending on the space itself. However I am currently enjoying designing study spaces, I feel like they’ve become such an integral part of the home for people, and they really can be anything you want to make of them.  


What is your number one tip for interiors?

I think it’s always to remember that taste is subjective and not everybody is going to love everything you do, but as long as you’re proud of it and your client is happy that’s all that matters.

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What do you love to do when you're not working?

I love to adventure and see new things, explore the beaches QLD has to offer with my partner and my dog  

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