4 JULY 2024
Proud Partner of Sydney Writers' Festival

We are extremely proud to have partnered with the Sydney Writers' Festival for a second year. This year, the festival celebrated its 27th anniversary, embracing the theme "Take Me Away," which reflects the universal affinity for escapism—a role that literature has always played in society.

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With a nod to this year's theme, our brief was to incorporate bright and pastel colors, creating an environment that embodies the spirit of escapism and enchantment. The venue's expansive footprint presented a unique challenge in ensuring the space felt full and inviting without appearing empty. Collaborating closely with the client, we developed an optimal layout reminiscent of the successful 2023 design.

"Valiant were wonderful to work with through-out. The site looked amazing and the furniture completed the feel and branding we wanted."

Sydney Writer's Festival

Given the scale of the project, frequent amendments to the order were inevitable, making strong rapport and clear communication with the client crucial. With many stakeholders involved, adaptability was key. Despite delays in receiving floorplans and logistics details, our strong operations team enabled us to deliver on time and meet the client's expectations, showcasing our ability to overcome even the trickiest roadblocks.

Our collaboration with Sydney Writers' Festival not only highlights our expertise in managing large-scale events but also underscores our dedication to understanding and exceeding client expectations. By consistently delivering outstanding results, we continue to solidify our reputation as a reliable partner in the event hire and styling industry. We look forward to many more successful projects and partnerships that allow us to bring creative visions to life.

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Our success lies in our unwavering commitment to quality and the strong relationships we build with our clients. Each project is an opportunity to exceed expectations and showcase our dedication to excellence.

Don't miss out on what else we're doing! From outdoor and sporting events, to corporate galas and exhibitions, our team of experts are here to transform your vision into an unforgettable experience.

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