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Spotlight on Shitake

Introducing the Colour of the Season: Shitake

In the ever-evolving world of event styling and design, the importance of a well-chosen colour palette cannot be overstated. This season, we introduce you to "Shitake" – a versatile, earthy hue that embodies calm neutrality and understated elegance. With its soothing tones and natural appeal, Shitake is the perfect hero colour for creating serene and inviting spaces.

Shitake - Calm Neutrality - Colour Story

The Appeal of Shitake

Shitake stands out for its ability to blend seamlessly into various design schemes while still making a statement. This natural, earthen-inspired tone brings a sense of tranquility and sophistication to any setting. Whether you're looking to create a cozy lounge area or an elegant event space, Shitake provides the perfect backdrop.


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Incorporating Shitake in Your Events

Shitake Colour Story - Different colour settings

(From left to right) featuring the Sierra Armchair, Sierra Sofa and the Recycled Fabric Cushion in Shitake Brown.

Shitake Colour Story

Palette Potential 

Our team love to use Shitake to create an oasis of tranquility and relaxation. By combining this colour with natural textural fabrics, taupe, and white, a refreshing and serene ambiance can be achieved. This palette allows guests to escape and find solace in the soothing embrace of the space.

Why choose Shitake for Your Events?

Shitake is the perfect choice for event design due to its versatility, sustainability, and aesthetic appeal. This neutral yet striking colour pairs well with a wide range of hues and design elements, making it ideal for various event themes, from corporate gatherings to chic private events. 

Sierra Collection - Versatility Sustainability Aesthetically Pleasing - 3 Grid Image

Our Shitake products, such as the Sierra collection, are crafted from recycled materials, contributing to environmentally conscious event planning. By opting for Shitake, you not only embrace stylish elegance but also support sustainability. Its soothing, earthy tones create a calm and inviting atmosphere, enhancing the visual appeal and comfort of any space, ensuring your event is both beautiful and memorable.


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