The Power of First Impressions: Transforming Spaces with Effective Home Staging

Home staging and home styling is a great way to enhance the aesthetics of your home, improve the likelihood of selling and potentially even increase the sale price. 

Home Staging

Display Home Furniture vs Your Furniture

Display home furniture, such as that offered by Valiant, can be a great option if you’re looking at selling your house as quickly and efficiently as possible. In this article, we discuss the importance of first impressions and why using Valiant home styling and display home furniture can help you create an interior design that is appealing and can help you sell your home.

Why hire home staging furniture? 

Home staging packages are designed to help potential home buyers see what a property really looks like as part of day-to-day life.

Home Staging

While the furniture you are familiar with and cherish may hold sentimental value, it might not be the best choice when trying to target buyers for your property.

Home staging involves the process of choosing furniture that looks the most appealing from the potential buyer's point of view. When you hire an interior designer from Valiant, we will harmonise colour schemes to tie into your home’s overall aesthetic, and we’ll help you choose the optimal furniture designs for the different spaces so your home appeals to a wider target market.

The Art of Crafting a Lasting First Impression

In the realm of real estate, making a favourable first impression is paramount. Regardless of the prowess of your real estate agent, clients often form their opinions within the first few moments of viewing a property. Home staging empowers you to present your house in the most aesthetically pleasing way, ensuring a positive and memorable first impression.

Home Staging

Increase perceived property value

Similarly, high-quality home staging furniture can increase the perceived value of the property you’re selling.


Are you looking for a Focus efforts on key areas like the front garden, entranceway, and the initial rooms clients are likely to explore. Contact us online to discuss our home staging and styling expertise.

Home Staging
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