The true value of a professional property stylist

So, you are ready to put your house on the market. You have watched all the renovation programs and read all the property articles. The consensus is that you need to style your home to sell it. Despite your agent’s recommendation and what you’ve seen or read, you’re still not convinced or sure why you should use a professional stylist.

Well, we are going to let you in on some not-so-secret reasons why getting a professional to style your home for sale is a must, especially if you want to stand apart from competing properties and maximise your sale price.

Dont just ask us - it has been proven time and again how effective styled properties sell. In fact, property reports show that houses that have been styled sell 30-50% faster than those that havent been professionally styled. Not only that, but statistics show that over 80% of styled homes sell at or above the asking prices when compared to non-styled homes in the same marketplace.

Agents agree too, with 98% of agents believing that styling your property to sell can help achieve a higher sales price and that styling can add thousands to your property’s sale value. Agents also found it triggered multiple offers through private treaty and more bidders on auction day.

Let’s be honest, buyers are becoming more and more design-savvy. The ongoing popularity of renovation and property makeover shows have contributed significantly to this. So, when they are scrolling through the property sites, they are looking for homes that they can aspire to live in. They are no longer just looking to purchase a home. They want to buy a lifestyle and often want a home that they can move straight into without having to undertake work to the property.

So, how does styling your home for sale really work?

Consultation and assessment

A property stylist will meet you at your home to assess the characteristics of your property, space, layout and features. They will cast their expert eyes from front to back and give an evaluation on the street frontage as well as the interior and exterior of your home. You will be advised on any work required - such as painting, grouting in bathrooms or cosmetic maintenance - before your home goes on the market.

When selling, you need buyers to visualise themselves living in your home and not get distracted by details of your life. Your own personal style and mementos wont appeal to this vision. Depersonalising the space by removing personal items such as photos is an important step which every experienced stylist will recommend.

Furthermore, to really show the features of your home and create the impression of space, your stylist may suggest that you declutter by packing away other unnecessary items such as trinkets, excess books or magazines and personal paperwork.

Review buyer demographics

You can benefit not only from a professional property stylist's experience but also from their knowledge. A stylist will have a good understanding of what other properties are on the market and who your competitors will be.

They will take the time to review what kind of buyer you can expect - whether it is a family, a couple or an investor - and will customise your home to appeal to a wide audience within that demographic.

Your home is unique and no two properties should be styled the same. A stylist will put a look together based on the style of property, location and target market.

Maximise your home

A stylist will then select furnishings and create a layout that will showcase the full potential of your home. They will look for opportunities to enhance the space by using proven interior styling techniques. Smaller spaces can be made to look larger, unsightly areas can be masked, and notable features can be highlighted and accentuated.

They will ensure the home is well-lit. Natural light will be maximised by adding mirrors and reflective surfacing or, if needed, by incorporating additional interior lighting.

When selecting a colour palette and style of furniture, they will choose what will complement the characteristics of your home and appeal to the broadest audience based on their research into your target market. There are times when some of your own furniture may stay, and they will incorporate other furniture pieces as well as art, rugs and accessories to create a cohesive look.

Styling and installation

The best part of hiring a professional stylist is that for a fraction of the price of purchasing new furniture and accessories, you can create a tailored style that will appeal to the right types of buyers.

Not only that, you wont need to worry about logistics. Your stylist will manage furniture delivery andthe installation of the entire look - from hanging art and placing furniture to accessorising your home. You wont have to lift a finger and your home will be picture perfect and ready for sale.

Want to see what a professional stylist can do for your home? Book a consultation today.

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