Warm Elegance


 Client: MDJ Property Group  |   Location: Reservoir VIC


In the transformation of this newly constructed townhouse in Reservoir, Victoria, our objective was to infuse a sense of warmth and sophistication. We employed a palette of neutral tones, creams, and beiges to establish an inviting ambiance throughout the space. The strategic use of these hues aimed not only to create a cozy atmosphere but also to allow the high-end fittings and finishes to take center stage, showcasing the quality of the build to potential buyers.

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A key element of the styling of this residence was the incorporation of light-colored furniture, strategically placed to amplify the influx of natural light and accentuate the north-facing aspects of the property. This deliberate choice not only enhanced the overall luminosity of the interiors but also served as a subtle nod to the property's favorable orientation.

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The result is a stylish and functionally curated living space that not only meets the specific needs of our clients but surpasses their expectations. The careful selection of neutral tones, combined with thoughtful furniture placement, contributed to a harmonious blend of elegance and comfort, making this townhouse a compelling and appealing residence for prospective buyers.

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Camp Hill
The Abbey