Riverside Poise


Tasked with creating a luxurious living experience linked to its prestigious riverfront location, our interior styling concept focused on refined tranquility. Warm beige, delicate peach, and light blue hues, harmoniously complemented by muted rust accents, were celebrated on our mood board. Oak and black elements added timeless sophistication, ensuring an inviting and effortlessly chic space.


Client: Frasers Property |  Location: Hamilton, QLD  |  Photographer: Pixel Collective 

Immerse yourself in a serene ambiance where soft textures and curated details evoke a riverside retreat. Let effortlessly chic styling guide you towards a home that embodies poise, elegance, and understated feminine beauty—perfectly tailored to your modern lifestyle.

72 Parkside Cct, Rivers Reach, Hamilton 3-Image Grid

One specific challenge we faced was ensuring that the furniture and décor did not overwhelm the open spaces but rather complemented the architectural features of the home. Our expert team successfully overcame this by choosing versatile pieces that could easily fit into the open-plan design, allowing for future modifications and personal touches by the homeowners.

72 Parkside Cct, Rivers Reach, Hamilton 2-Image Grid

The final presentation of Rivers Reach at Hamilton displayed a luxurious, livable space that resonated with its riverfront location. The custom artwork, cohesive design elements, and high-end furniture created an inviting and sophisticated environment. The seamless flow and connection to the natural surroundings were evident throughout the home, reflecting the successful achievement of the project’s goals and the client’s vision.

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