Sophisticated Luxury


Enhancing the inherent charm of the property, our approach involved meticulously selecting furniture and soft furnishings that imbued the space with warmth and sophistication. This careful curation not only accentuated the architectural features but also fostered a seamless flow, creating an inviting interior that resonates with potential buyers.


Client: Belle Property |  Location: Strathfield, NSW  |  Photographer: CB Studio 

Given the neutral architectural features of the property, our styling approach centered around a palette of soothing neutrals, accented with bold black elements and soft textiles, such as boucle, to bring back a cozy warmth. This careful selection not only enhances the visual appeal of each space but also creates an inviting atmosphere that resonates with the home's distinctive character.

31 Eve St, Strathfield 3-Grid Image

By seamlessly blending comfort with refined style, our aim is to inspire potential buyers to envision a lifestyle that effortlessly aligns with the essence of the property, fostering a deep connection that embodies a true sense of comfort and sophistication.

31 Eve St, Strathfield 2-Image Grid
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