Coastal Serenity


Welcome to Catalina Calm, where luxury meets tranquility in this meticulously styled 4th-floor, 3-bedroom apartment. Discover a seamless flow of sophistication from bedroom to balcony, curated to captivate the essence of coastal living.


Client: Cavcorp |  Location: Wynnum, QLD   

The client's vision was for an opulent, lavish space that seamlessly flowed from the kitchen through the living area to a gracefully curved balcony. In pursuit of perfection, we selected soft, curved, and slimline furniture that exudes sophistication while creating an illusion of spaciousness.

We chose light, neutral colours combined with striking soft blue statement pieces to establish an ambiance of coastal zen. Minimalist abstract landscape art that reflects the natural surroundings ties the concept together, while the hallway's minimal and neutral decor creates a warm and inviting embrace for all who step inside.

Catalina Calm Image 7

The bedrooms are adorned with crisp white linens, showcasing a clever use of soft neutrals paired with striking blues and sculptural furniture pieces. Recognising the living space's distinctive layout, abundant with sliding glass doors and only one wall, we seized the opportunity to craft a compelling visual narrative for prospective buyers. By strategically placing the lounge and entertainment unit, we effortlessly guided them to envision the seamless living and entertaining experience within the space.

Catalina Calm - Image 8

Throughout our collaboration, Cavcorp actively contributed to shaping the project's direction. We are pleased to announce that we not only met but surpassed their expectations, ultimately delivering a result that left them thoroughly satisfied.

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