Riverside Opulence


Nestled alongside the scenic Brisbane River, our mission was to accentuate the unparalleled riverside views offered by these six apartments. Our styling choices were crafted to evoke an ambiance of opulence and refinement, ensuring each space exuded luxury and sophistication.


Client: CBUS Property Group |  Location: Brisbane, QLD   

Through extensive collaboration with CBUS Property Group, we crafted a tailored approach that allowed us to curate spaces uniquely suited to this project. With six apartments to style, each with its own personality and feel, we embraced the challenge of catering to diverse buyer preferences, from corporate prospects to downsizers, by offering light, medium, and dark scheme options.

443 Queen Street - CBUS - Triple Grid

All six apartments offer breathtaking views and luxurious amenities, tailored to cater to discerning buyers in search of opulence. Our in-house styling team placed paramount importance on this, meticulously curating premium furniture and styling elements that seamlessly complement each property's aesthetic and ambiance. By ensuring seamless access to outdoor areas and preserving the breathtaking views, we exceeded the developer's expectations and contributed to faster sales.

443 Queen St - CBUS - Double Image Gallery

Our collaboration with CBUS Property Group has set a new standard for luxury living, where each property offers its owner a lifestyle characterised by style and sophistication. Our styling decisions surpassed not only our client's expectations but also those of the buyers. We're now thrilled to collaborate with some buyers on furniture packages for their new homes.

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