Reside in Opulence 


Client: Frasers Property |   Location: Hamilton, QLD |   Photographer: NIRA Creative

Meticulously crafted, this property was staged and styled for Fraser's Property Hamilton Queensland development Rivers Reach. Contemporary interiors brought sleek lines and minimalist forms, Incorporating a neutral colour palette with subtle hints of cool tones and bold blacks. The inclusion of luxurious statement pieces compliments and lifts each room, resulting in a refined and welcoming ambiance

In this exciting new build, we invested substantial time and effort in working closely with the client to ensure that we perfectly captured their vision for the project's completion. Throughout the selection process, we collaborated extensively with the Frasers Property team, ensuring each element chosen for the home aligned with the overall design direction. The target buyer persona was an affluent executive couple or family seeking a luxurious riverside living experience. To cater to their tastes, we handpicked high-end, opulent furnishings that undoubtedly resonated with the desired consumer.

Art played a pivotal role in the client's vision for the space, and we rose to the occasion by commissioning two custom-made art pieces that graced the master bedroom beautifully, tying the entire design together seamlessly. 

Staged & Styled

Camp Hill
The Abbey