Lush Infusion


 Client: Urbn Built  |   Location: Northcote VIC 


We were inspired by the perfect blend of modern living and period charm of this Californian Bungalow, situated in one of the most sought-after pockets of Northcote.  When it came to staging and styling this stunning property, our design vision centered on cultivating a sophisticated, contemporary aesthetic to attract the right buyers. We achieved this through a meticulous curation of neutral tones, complemented by the warmth of timber accents and the refinement of high-contrasting black elements. Additionally, strategic pops of color, notably shades of blue and green, were thoughtfully incorporated to introduce vibrancy and visual interest. The deliberate placement of these elements served to elevate the energy of each space, resulting in a harmonious and inviting atmosphere for buyers.

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Camp Hill
The Abbey