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Furniture Favourite: Clover Dining Chair

Meet Mary Ann, our talented National Creative Lead, responsible for designing captivating experiences that leave a lasting impression on our guests nationally. Join us as we explore Mary Ann's top furniture pick for this month, the Clover Dining Chair.


What drew you to the Clover Dining Chair as your top pick this month?

The Clover Dining Chair's stylish rounded silhouette and contemporary edge immediately caught my eye. Its unique design is both visually appealing and functional, making it a standout piece in any setting.



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What makes the Clover Dining Chair stand out from other pieces in our collection?

For me, the Clover Dining Chair stands out due to its combination of unique design, comfort, and sustainability. Each chair is crafted with care using 144 recycled bottles for the plush upholstery, showcasing how sustainable furniture does not have to compromise on comfort or style.



Can you share some design tips for incorporating the Clover Dining Chair into different settings?

In this Winter's feature colour, the lilac dining chair, can be paired beautifully with burgundy and blush and further accentuated by black and timber to bring a rich, warm look to any space. For a more cozy, rustic feel, the caramel version can be complemented with warm wood tones and soft, textured fabrics. Its versatile design makes it adaptable to various decor styles.

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What feedback have you received from clients about the Clover Dining Chair?

Clients love the Clover Dining Chair for its comfort and unique design. Many have commented on how it adds a touch of elegance to their events.

Can you describe the comfort and functionality of the Clover Dining Chair in your own words?

This compact chair has so much presence and offers the perfect solution for all your dining chair needs. Its incredibly comfortable, thanks to its plush upholstery. Its rounded silhouette provides excellent support, making it perfect for long events or gatherings. The chair is also durable and versatile, suitable for various settings and occasions.


Clover Dining Chair Open House
"I would recommend the Clover Dining Chair to our clients because it combines style, comfort, and sustainability in one elegant package. Its unique design is sure to impress guests, and its versatile colour options make it suitable for any event."

Can you describe the palette potential for both its colour options?

The color options of cool lilac and warm caramel add to the chair's versatility and appeal. The lilac offers a modern, chic look, while the caramel provides a warm, inviting feel. These options allow customers to choose the best fit for their decor and event theme.



Clover Dining Chair - Ruffles and Bells

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