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Autumn Winter 2024 Trends

Brighten your Autumn Winter styling this year with a pop of colour!


 We're excited to unveil our Autumn Winter Style Guide for 2024, curated by our creative team to inspire your events this season and beyond.


At Valiant Events, we understand the power of trends and the importance of creating unique experiences for our clients. With our vast range of tonal furniture options, we are poised to help clients bring visions of their Autumn and Winter events to life and create unforgettable experiences. Let's explore the cozy scenes of Autumn and Winter and discover how Valiant can assist you in curating stunning event looks. 

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Embrace the whimsical charm of autumn with Pastel Daze, a style that brings a playful touch of color to the season. Inspired by the bold burnt orange tones of falling leaves and the vibrant shades of sunset, this palette introduces nods of pinks and lilacs. Grounded in base tones of olive and white, Pastel Daze offers a refreshing take on traditional autumn hues, ensuring a look that's both bold and balanced. Say goodbye to feminine stereotypes as this palette brings a modern twist to classic autumn colors. 



Step into a realm of contemporary tranquility with Tonal Autumn, where modernity meets sophistication. This style draws inspiration from a harmonious blend of camel, lilac, blush, and navy, creating a palette that exudes serenity. Each color contributes to the creation of a soothing atmosphere, while maintaining a distinctly modern aesthetic. With Tonal Autumn, you'll find the perfect balance between modern allure and classic elegance, making it ideal for those seeking a tranquil ambiance with a touch of sophistication. 

"Lilac and blush intertwine with warm camel and navy, creating a timeless and elegant palette."

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Our extensive range encompasses a variety of stylish and high-quality furniture that will transform any event space. The combination of shades of dusty brown, pinks and lilacs with undertones of navy blue will bring a calming presence to the space. 



This collection evokes senses of calmness, depth, and serenity, drawing inspiration from the vastness of the deep ocean and the softness of a cloud lined sky. It is characterised by a rich and varied blue colour palette.  



Add a pop of colour to your styling this Autumn with a "Drop of Red"; where minimalist elegance meets sleek sophistication. Picture a landscape adorned with smooth, flowing curves of vibrant red and calming green hues, creating a harmonious balance that resonates with modern aesthetics.  
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"Embrace the cozy charm of earthy, vibrant tones and transform your event space into a warm, inviting haven."

We understand that every event is unique, and customisation is key to crafting unforgettable experiences. Our skilled team of event planners and stylists collaborate closely with our clients to understand their vision, aiding them in selecting the perfect furniture pieces for their event space, and assist in curating personalised event looks that embody the essence of the cooler season.

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Our expert team is on hand to help you stay ahead of the curve and transform your events into cozy, inviting spaces reflective of the cooler season. With our extensive range of furniture options and deep expertise in event design, we are dedicated to creating stunning looks that embody the essence of Autumn and Winter.


Whether you're hosting an elegant gala, a lively cocktail party, or an impactful brand activation, Valiant Events is here to bring your vision to life and craft experiences that will be remembered for years to come.


Check out our Hire Shop and dive into the Autumn/Winter '24 trends! Discover our collection and bring the cozy elegance of the season to your next event.

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