Navy Opulence


Valiant proudly collaborated with Republic Events to enhance ANZ's event spaces during the Australian Open 2024, showcasing a commitment to sustainability. Our dedication to eco-friendly practices was prominently displayed through signage and product tags throughout the venue, emphasising the recycled components used in the event.

Republic Events  Location: Rod Laver Arena, VIC  |  Photography: Ken Hikari

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Noteworthy highlights of this collaboration include Valiant's provision of all upholstered furniture for the facility, utilising fabrics crafted entirely from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. This initiative resulted in the recycling of 9,312 plastic bottles, contributing to the sustainable upholstery of seating at the event. The breakdown reveals the commitment to sustainability per piece, such as the Sierra Armchair utilising 287 recycled plastic bottles.

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This case study exemplifies the seamless integration of Valiant's sustainable practices into large-scale events, showcasing the possibility of creating a positive environmental impact without compromising style or comfort. The "Navy Opulence" theme, characterised by a rich navy aesthetic complemented by gold accents and shades of white, further underscores the success of our collaboration with Republic Events in seamlessly merging environmental consciousness with event aesthetics to deliver ANZ's spaces at the Australian Open 2024

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