Frequently Asked Questions




Purchasing furniture is not the only way to create your workspace. Leasing allows you to create the best space possible, and avoids that hefty CAPEX commitment. Valiant will help you find the right pieces for your style, time frame (3 – 60 months) and your budget. 


Leasing furniture gives you true furniture flexibility to grow, contract, upgrade, change office layouts with ease. 

Your business only needs to pay for what it needs, when it needs it. 


Since the furniture is owned and serviced by Valiant, you need not worry about product depreciation, routine maintenance, inventory management or storage for unused furniture. 


Valiant offers very fast support for ad-hoc needs.  


Leasing allows your team to upgrade the space after the lease period, or you can lease-to-own after an agreed term. 


Valiant has warehouses in QLD, VIC & NSW. Our teams also coordinate projects across the country, from Perth to Far-North-QLD. 

Valiant Warehouses stock thousands of furniture pieces in-house. Inside of 48hrs, our teams can coordinate and deliver the furniture pieces listed on our Hire Catalogue. Your team can hire these for as little as 1 day, or as long as your project needs. 

Valiant Coordinates purchase packages for both Residential and Commercial projects. Your team can choose between; outright Purchase or Lease-to-own. We can help to populate a full FF&E schedule and project manage your installation from one of our warehouses. 

Valiant will assist to relocate all the leased furniture. Please contact the Valiant team to quote the relocation based on distance and delivery requirements. 

Sustainability is very important to us. We understand the impact of a sharing economy and after decades of managing leases, we have created a framework that avoids unnecessary landfill. Valiant has a network of furniture doctors, auctions houses and charities that ensure that furniture has a long life and is also ushered into a new home after its commercial life. 

The Valiant Leasing Clusters are furniture collection curated by the Valiant team and our supply partners. Each cluster is priced to lease, with a prepopulated furniture schedule and 3D CAD block for fast renders. The clusters are designed to help businesses create FF&E schedules within minutes and manage their furniture projects with very little time wasted. 


While office furniture can be costly, it's an essential aspect that adds to the whole function and design of the office. Choosing whether to buy or hire your furniture requires sitting down and considering the pros and cons of each. Here are some tips to help you determine which solution works best for your needs and budget. 

Reasons to hire or lease-to-own

1. When you need furniture ASAP!

2. Company growth is unpredictable

3. If you have a short-term lease or you're subleasing your space

Why Purchase Outright?

1. You have the time and capital

2. When you are after a specific range of office furniture

3. No fees for damage of leased stock


Workplace analytics allows you to understand how you use your current space and the aspirations of your business. We can help you identify what your employees need and want from their office along with the current and future workplace challenges you may need to overcome.

Our analytics service mapsii allows you to answer questions such as:

1. Does the environment in your office promote well-being?

2. Does your office offer a collaborative environment?

3. Is the office designed for your way of working?

4. Is your workplace conducive to creativity, productivity, and focused work?