Cohesive Luxury


 Client: Dib Chidiac  |   Location: Concord NSW Photography: Pixel Collective


Upon entering the residence, we were immediately captivated by the bespoke finishes and fixtures that underscored the level of quality we aimed to accentuate. The interiors boasted grey and white marbles, complemented by the warmth of muted timber and custom tiling in an array of organic hues. Accents of black in the lighting fixtures provided a striking contrast. Inspired by the harmonious interplay between the cool-tones stone and the inviting timbers, we resolved to curate furnishing and decor that echoed this aesthetic.


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To ground the main living and dining spaces, we introduced elements of solid black in the coffee and dining tables, intentionally directing attention towards the custom light fixtures and window trims. However, we understood that the overuse of heavy cold materials can sterilise a space, so we brought in a touch of softness with a pair of white boucle sofas and a neutral rug. A dash of vibrancy came in the form of green armchairs, adding a playful burst of colour.

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Maintaining cohesion throughout a residence of this magnitude presented a notable challenge. While your primary focus was on crafting a luxurious and distinctive ambience in the main living and dining spaces, it was imperative that the remaining two living areas and five bedrooms seamlessly integrated into the overall design narrative. To achieve this, we adhered to a balanced approach, juxtaposing elements of darkness and lightness, coolness and warmth, solidity and softness and subtlety and vibrancy, ensuring a cohesive aesthetic was evident throughout every corner of the home.

We created a beautiful high-end project that put the client's mind at ease as she prepared to sell her home. Complimenting Valiant on our streamlined and considered approach and remarked on our ability to present our furniture and styling in a way that highlights a home's features rather than detracting from them.

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