Sleek Modern Oasis


 Client: Belle Property Strathfield  |   Location: Strathfield, QLD Photographer: Charlotte Camilleri


For this project, our aim was to seamlessly blend modern luxury and timeless comfort in an ultra-contemporary home. We carefully selected a color palette of black, beige, timber, sage green, and lilac to create an atmosphere of sophistication, warmth, and tranquility. The black furniture pieces serve as a bold centerpiece, while the beige upholstery offers comfort and cohesion. Natural warmth is introduced through timber accents, and subtle pops of color are added with touches of sage green and lilac in the styling elements. Artwork, mirrors, rugs, textiles, and lighting were all thoughtfully integrated to enhance the overall aesthetic and create a visually stunning and inviting living space. The end result is a sanctuary that perfectly blends contemporary aesthetics with timeless comfort, providing a unique and luxurious living environment that truly embodies modern luxury living.

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Camp Hill
The Abbey