Sophisticated Serenity


 Client: McGrath  |   Location: Reservoir, VIC  Photographer: SpaceCraft


The styling of this family-friendly residence showcases a contemporary design narrative, where graceful lines and curves seamlessly merge to achieve a harmonious blend of both form and functionality. Anchored by a neutral color palette, this versatile canvas provides the perfect backdrop for the artful incorporation of vibrant bursts of color, strategically placed to infuse every living space with vitality and character. From the inviting bouclé lounge with its graceful curves in the living room to the captivating artwork thoughtfully adorning the walls, each element has been meticulously selected and placed to curate an inviting and chic atmosphere. This property stands as a compelling case study, where every furniture piece and styling element has been expertly chosen to create an authentic embodiment of modern design, enhanced with a family-centric sensibility, making it an ideal haven for families to embrace, enjoy, and treasure.

Camp Hill
The Abbey