Seaside Bliss


Project: Lesails  |   Client: Traders in Purple  |   Location: Newport, QLD 


A waterfront sanctuary that embodies the perfect fusion of land and ocean, a testament to nature's harmony. Positioned with a northeast orientation, these two-styled Lesails residences, each capture refreshing breezes, picturesque water vistas, and the distant, enchanting outline of the Glasshouse Mountains. The goal was to accentuate and complement these natural wonders throughout the interior. To achieve this, we carefully curated a selection of contemporary, sleek, inviting furniture pieces that seamlessly blend functionality with refined aesthetics. These pieces serve a purpose and enhance the overall atmosphere of the space. We then adorned the interiors with decorative elements such as accessories, cushions, and art, carefully chosen to echo the soothing hues of the water and the majestic mountains. In essence, our mission was to convey a lifestyle to potential buyers that mirrored the tranquil and idyllic existence Lasails offers as a waterfront retreat.  

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Camp Hill
The Abbey