6 tips to style your home for sale this spring

Just like flowers that come alive in Spring, it’s the season when the real estate market goes into full bloom. Whether you’re selling your home or encouraging more visits to your display home, Spring also means competition for property sales.

Among the preparations needed to get the best possible value from selling your property, have you given enough thought to your property’s styling? Key to helping viewers envision a property as their potential home, professional property styling can spell a significant difference in the speed of the property sale and the final property sale price

Take note of these key guidelines to avoid common styling mistakes, and make sure your preparations are done to a T!

1. Do a proper spring clean

For home owners looking to sell, not cleaning every nook and cranny, not doing sensible home refreshes (such as painting), or leaving bits and pieces of your personal clutter exposed simply distracts viewers. Buyers should be able to imagine the property as potentially theirs and not a remnant of someone else’s home; therefore, the property must be prepped accordingly and has to be in tip top shape

2. Create styling consistency throughout the home

Not having a common theme throughout disconnects one room from the other. You need to create a strong sense of continuity and to bring different spaces of your home together. A common theme takes viewers on a journey and creates a cohesive story, allowing them to experience the property as a whole.

Here we have an example of a country themed home.

3. Choosing the right colours

Whether you’re choosing wall paint or furniture (or both), colour is a key element in styling your property for sale. There are many lovely combinations but one of the first steps you should take before choosing a colour palette is to consider the target market. If it’s a city property targeted at a young couple, an urban chic theme with greys, neutrals, and occasional pops of colour may be ideal. Alternatively, if it’s a suburban home targeted at a growing family, a country or Scandinavian theme with its soft pastels and organic textures may work well. However well executed, colour and theme choices which don't connect with the target market may affect your sale results.

If you are unsure, just remember that light and neutral colours are recommended as they help open up and brighten a space. Light colours also create a clean slate which allows viewers to visualise the space as their own.

4. Picking the correct scale of furniture

A small room doesn’t necessarily mean you should use small furniture as with a large room and big furniture. The right furniture pieces help showcase the optimal use of space. With the wrong scaled furniture, you only highlight the room’s weaknesses and miss the opportunity to showcase the real potential of a room.


5. Enhancing with the right accessories

Accessorising the home is the cherry on top, the icing on the cake. This is the detail that completes a room and helps highlight the room’s best features. Over accessorising distracts viewers from seeing the features of a space; while with under accessorising, you miss the opportunity to bring a space to life.


6. Consult with a property styling professional

You may get good results by attempting to execute the property styling yourself. But by doing so, are you creating the best possible opportunities for the best possible sale price?

Good property stylists understand the property market, buyer behaviour, and styling that sells. They will be able help choose the right furniture, accessories, and look to highlight the best features of each room and style your property to appeal to the broadest audience possible. Investing in a property stylist can spell a big difference in the final property sale price.

Spring is an exciting time for property sales. Make sure everything, including your property styling is up to par in order to create the best property sale opportunities.

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