10 Great Reasons Why Hiring Office Furniture is the Smart Choice for Your Next Project

Hire versus Buy – Project / Office / Education

1. Hiring gives you total flexibility
The only constant in business is change. Projects can vary in both duration and staff numbers — expansion or downsizing of departments often happen within the course of a few weeks or months. Only hiring allows you to adjust quickly to staff fluctuations, therefore reducing risk and uncertainty. Buying office furniture severely restricts your ability to adapt to rapid changes in the market. Whether it is for 1 day, 1 week or 1 month, for 5 or 500 people, hiring gives you complete flexibility and control.

2. Hiring is fast – quick delivery means instant productivity
Our quick delivery guarantee means that we work as fast as you do. Your hired office furniture is ready and working for you as quickly as you can get extra staff. Optimising productivity – minimising down time. Compare our quick delivery times with the weeks or months waiting for the manufacture and delivery of purchased furniture – you

3. Hiring improves your cash flow
No business can afford to sink vital capital into buying office furniture. Hiring is an operating expense, so you avoid capital expenditure restraints associated with the purchase of furniture. Smart businesses hire their assets and make smaller monthly payments rather than a large initial investment.

4. Hiring is 100% tax deductible
The cost of hiring office furniture is completely tax deductible, while buying furniture is a capital investment. (Independent taxation advice should be sought for each individual situation.)

5. Hiring is environmentally friendly
Add furniture hire to your Environmental Policy. Minimising waste through recycling and reusing resources. Hiring reduces long term landfill by increasing the life cycle of each piece of furniture. Through our own joinery & workshop we are able to repair and maintain our hire stock, giving it a longer life and ensuring that it all stays away from landfill. This maintenance process also ensures that our furniture is in good condition for every hire.

6. Hiring saves you time, space & money
Why waste your valuable time and money on maintenance, reconfiguration and repairs? Hiring lets you avoid the hidden costs of buying office furniture and transfers the responsibility for up-keep to us. We can exchange and update single items or a whole office quickly and efficiently. In addition, hiring saves on the costs of leasing expensive office space to store unused furniture!

7. Hiring presents a strong image
In most industries, image is everything. From the functionality of melamine to the pinnacle of international furniture design, Valiant Hire can update your image overnight. Our range of modern prints, designer rugs, lamps and accessories is second to none. Hire furniture always presents a new and contemporary image.

8. Hiring is your safety net – Disaster Recovery Programme
Valiant Hire offers an exclusive “disaster recovery” programme. No matter what the disruption – fire or flood, major renovations or relocations – we can get you operational ASAP. Simply enrol and you will have access to our 24 hour Disaster Hotline. We ensure that you will have desks and chairs to sit on by the next business day. *Distance limits apply to 24 hour guarantee.

9. Hiring is recession proof
If your company needs to downsize and reduce expenses, you need to move fast! If you bought your company’s furniture you’ll need to pay somebody to take it away and receive a pittance for your initial outlay. Don’t suffer a big loss on your capital investment – Hire from Valiant and your expenses cease with a phone call.

10. Hire furniture, higher standards
Most furniture suppliers end their contact at the time of delivery but Valiant Hire is not just a furniture supplier. We offer a total furniture management system. A single phone call connects you to a team of dedicated, responsive professionals who will support you throughout and beyond the time of your contract. Our hire consultants are available to visit you onsite, provide free measure & quotes in addition to state of the art 3D floor planning software tools. You can visualise your new office from any angle before spending a cent.

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