Christmas Party Ideas: Rustic

Cinnamon. Peppermint. Chocolate. Rum. We could almost taste these cheery holiday flavours while assembling this mood board. Just like the feelings associated with these flavours, we envision an atmosphere of warmth and whimsy at a rustic-themed event.

If you’re aiming to set an easy-going atmosphere and create that dreamy yet down-to-earth feel, this might be the perfect look to style your Christmas or End-of-year party.

Rustic Christmas Party Theme Mood Board

Event Styling Mood Board: Rustic Christmas

For this mood board, we chose a palette with whites, timber, and different shades of minty green to create that fresh holiday atmosphere. If you have a different colour palette in mind for a rustic-themed party, go for it! One of the things we love about the rustic look is that it's very versatile. The warm neutral tones allow you to easily play with a wide range of colour palettes.

Create that earthy feel with the use of a few furniture pieces with that rich aged timber texture. Just be careful not to overdo the use of such pieces as they can make the atmosphere feel a little heavy. Balance out the heaviness of aged timber with light coloured furniture and accessories.

Play around with details such as florals, homey greenery and fun accessories with that raw feel.

To incorporate that Christmas vibe, we suggest using touches of gold for some shimmer, lights to add sparkle, and stars for some cheer!

Here are some pieces that will go beautifully with this look:


Use timber coffee tables and/or side tables complemented by ivory fabric lounges to brighten the whole setting. Add colour with the use of cushions.

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Match a timber table with a timber bench or a muted green tolix chair.

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Bar and Cocktails

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Style with some touches of gold and add shimmer with pretty lighting.


Light fixtures

Candles and fairy lights

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