Event Styling Feature: Grand Prix Formula 1

Valiant Events is delighted to have been involved in the 2019 Australian Grand Prix, one of the most spectacular sporting events in Australia today. The Grand Prix now boasts a huge array of supporting events, concerts, parties and many more, and has long secured its prominent status as an all-around event for audience of diverse demographics. The distant sound of screaming engines and ubiquitous energy have become a quintessential flavour that Melbourne has to offer.

The team at Valiant Events was tasked with incorporating signature Australian Sports Marketing brand colours to create a luxury feel to the Corporate Suite on Turn 15. The looks were completed using our very own statement pieces from recently launched collections including Cresence, Outline, Bloom, and many more.

Corporate Suite on Turn 15

Australian Grand Prix - Corporate Suite on Turn 15

This sophisticated cocktail look was achieved using Grand Prix native colours: black, white and red to maintain branding consistency whilst ensuring modern aesthetics was epicentral to our styling approach.

Cocktail Ensemble

The cocktail reception was set up for smaller groups of 3-4 to larger groups of 8. Decor was kept minimal.

Lounging Ensemble

Not far from the cocktail area was the lounging space where our Cresence Sofas and Eclipse Coffee Tables were rested. Albeit staying consistent with the motif of minimalism, this area was touched-up with indoor plants for a more relaxed feel.

The Complete Look




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